Images of the Leamington collection

We are basing our exhibition work on the collection at Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum (LSAG). Here are some of the images of pieces currently in storage that may spark an idea or two.

Loved the shape of this - riding waistcoat, ladies

Embroidered cushion - hand work but obviously much faded


Coat or jacket I think - close up of patterning below

Patterning on cloth

Jacket - close up of pattern below
Close up of interesting patterning on clothes in the collection

Cotton nightdress

Evening gown - silk?
Ribbon Victorian made by Cashes of Coventry - looks like a bookmark?

Ribbons - made by Cashes, Coventry

Shoes - georgian?

Waistcoat possibly 17th century

Donated hat from silk route possibly childrens

Donated hat from silk route - possibly childrens

Donated hats from the Silk route - possibly childrens

Fabric doll/advertising

Small doll used possibly for advertising rather than a toy. Fabric clothes

Windrush Quilt

Windrush quilt

Close up of Mr Darcy's waistcoat - no not really but 17th/18thC?

Hat from the Silk Route

Papoose and small doll, Native American

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