Laura Kemshall

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Laura, like her mum Linda, doesn't need an introduction to a lot of you in the arts and crafts world. She is a very well known artist working with print, textiles and paint. She co-hosts DesignMatters TV with Linda, and is also based in Shropshire. Have a look here to find out more.

Above is a video of her most recent exhibition space at the prestigious Festival Of Quilts at the NEC, Birmingham, UK. She has won many awards throughout her career and was the original instigator along with Annabel Rainbow, of Through Our Hands, a platform to showcase their work through exhibitions and a quarterly magazine. It developed into a Portfolio website and represented at it's height 27 textile artists. Although there are no immediate plans to make this second version of Through Our Hands quite as large, they are back together exhibiting as a smaller group.

Laura also has a blog here:

An incredibly inventive artist, she is inspired by her home, immediate landscape, the natural world, family and music. She works in sketchbooks developing ideas and techniques which she's happy to share (see links above). She is happy to use digital print and stitch and her work often suggests a narrative or story; characters and motifs recur, as do colours, patterns and themes. 

Working on quilts has it's limitations, but sometimes that provides an edge against which to push!

All images © Laura Kemshall

Out of Time

Long Night

Midnight Deals

Starlit Poppies






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