Monday 6 November 2023

Windrush #3, Jeff Brown - Annabel


I'm back to working on Jeff's quilt, and have been busy doing the veining on his arms. As with most things I do, it's trial and error and I put this down to having no formal art training. Was it Oscar Wilde who said experience is simply the name we give our mistakes? I find painting and making quilts a great challenge because of the near constant problem solving - very satisfying and hopefully less and less is ending up in the bin!

I  am also thinking about the Life is Hard and Then You Die sub title of "Chain Stitch". Bit flipping gloomy don't you think? I need to cheer it up a bit and am thinking about "Life, Death, and Everything Inbetween". I think it's the title of a book, or a quote from somewhere that's nudged itself to the surface. Momento Mori means remember you should die, so is a gloomy subject anyway, but there are limits! 

I have also thought of a 3rd piece to do which involves a self portrait and the samplers at the museum

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