Thursday 4 January 2024

Annabel - inspiration for new pieces

Inspiration is such a fickle thing! Sometimes you don't have any and other times it's running out your ears. I'm in a "running-out-your-ears" situation at the moment which is quite alarming but also heartening. Yippeee!

This morning I did the first trip of the year to Compton Verney Art Gallery. One of the current exhibitions is about Making History. It's a collection of crafts contemporary and historical.  The following 3 pieces have inspired me to add to the Momento Mori pieces for the 2025 exhibition at Leamington.

I'm interested in ideas about Heaven, and the idea of an afterlife. I've been trying to imagine something which might be heavenly that doesn't have origins in earthly thought, and can't which is obvious I guess but also interesting. Also interesting are cliches such as One Man's Heaven is Another Man's Hell, and there Aint No Pockets In Shrouds. My minds eye has seen a way forward but I need to go and do some research before anything else. So, Windrush is on hold for a bit while I do that.

Back soon, thanks for reading.

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